After Course

Guard Card Students

1. If you would like a copy of the Power to Arrest (PTA) Manual you can download it here PTA.  Or just review it on line.

To Check On Your Guard Card

1. Click on “Verify a License

2. Select “Security Guard”

3. Enter your last name, city and county were you live.  Click Find Button.

4. If your name appears, double click on it and Print your “temporary license

5.  If your name does not show yet.  Keep checking daily.  (BSIS does not update Weekends and Holidays).

Processing takes approximately 30 – 45 days to receive your temporary license (with no arrest).  Start checking online 7 days after class.  Any ARREST will delay your processing and could take up to 6 to 7 Months for BSIS to complete your background check.

Approval is from the State BSIS.

If your “temporary license” does not show on line after 30 business days call BSIS at:


1. Tell them you want to check on your Guard Card.
2. Have your name, Social Security Number and Application I.D. number available.

To check on your fingerprints: 1. Call the DOJ’s automated system 1-916-227-4557 2. Dial or say your ATI number and date of birth (located at the bottom of your live scan form). The system will explain the status of your FBI and DOJ fingerprints.


Firearms Applicants:

To check on your Firearm Permit:

Processing takes approximately 60 days to receive this permit.  Start checking online 3 weeks after you mailed in your application and fee.  Any ARREST will delay your processing. 

1. Click on “Verify a License

2. Select “Firearm Permit”

3. Enter your last name, city and county were you live.

4. Click Find Button.