BATON COURSE    $300.00 With an Expandable Baton

With  a Side Handle Baton $250.00

With Out a Baton $200.00


This is an 8 Hour BSIS certified course.
All three types of Baton are covered in the course.  Straight, Side Handle and Expandable.
The day of the class, AV Security Academy Includes:
1.  Free Baton (Straight or Side Handle w/Holder)
2.  BSIS – State Issued Lifetime Baton Permit
3.  Certificate of Completion
Receive a Straight Baton and Baton Ring or a Side Handle Baton with Baton Holder – Your Choice – FREE.
The Baton is included in the $250.00 – $300.00 cost.
Unlike other training schools,  your not given a Baton upon completion and you must wait 3 weeks for your State Issued Baton Permit to arrive.  Here at AV Security Academy you will receive your Baton Permit and a Baton at the end of the course.
You may carry any legal baton as long as you are proficient in the use of the device.
Please check the calendar for class dates.  You must register for this class by calling 661-942-9980 or 942-3999.  Only ten students per class.
Private or Large groups?  Not a problem.  We can add an Instructor or come to you.