Our courses range from 1-on-1 to group seminars.

We offer weekday and weekend courses in Power to Arrest, firearms, Baton and Pepper Spraytraining.

Receive a Certificate of Completion for all Courses taken!

Gain the credentials and confidence to be a California Security Officer with our comprehensive Guard Card training program in conjunction with our baton and firearms permitting course. Our instructors deliver both top rated classroom and in-field training so students can successfully pass their CA B.S.I.S. Security Guard Card examination, Baton certificate, and Firearms Permit course and succeed in the industry.

All Classes 18 years and older!!!

Power to Arrest

  1. Guard Card Class                                             $100.00

  2. State Guard Registration Fee                        $51.00

  3. DOJ Finger Print Fee                                       $32.00

  4. FBI Finger Print Fee                                        $17.00

  5. On Line Registration Fee                                $20.00

  6. Live Scan Finger Print Fee                             $20.00

                                                                  Total:     $240.00


 FIREARMS COURSE      16 Hour Course (2 days)  $400.00 or $293.00.  

Ammunition is provided for two calibers.

What type of Gun/Caliber can you carry?   Qualify with .38, .357, 9mm, .40, .45 your choice of two Calibers

     DOJ Finger Prints =      $32.00

     FBI Finger Prints =       $17.00

     Firearms Eligibility =   $38.00

     Live Scan Fee =             $20.00

     Firearm Students that need to finger print – this is your Total         $400.00

Firearm Students that paid the $38.00 dollar Firearms Eligibility fee, with your Guard Card Live Scan,  DO NOT need to finger print again.  Your Total is  $293.00.    


One caliber = $140.00

Two calibers = $160.00

All Extra Calibers = $40.00


BATON COURSE    $200.00

w/ Side Handle  Baton      $250.00

w/ Expandable Baton        $300.00

 This is an 8 Hour BSIS certified course.

All three types of Baton are covered in the course.  Straight, Side Handle and Expandable.

The day of the class, AV Security Academy Includes:

1.  Free Baton (Straight or Side Handle w/Holder)

2.  BSIS – State Issued Lifetime Baton Permit

3.  Certificate of Completion

Receive a Straight Baton and Baton Ring or a Side Handle Baton with Baton Holder – Your Choice – FREE.



Great First Line of Self Defense.  When verbalization has failed, Pepper Spray is your next best friend.

California Penal Code state that all Security Officers are required to have training when carrying Pepper Spray, OC or Tear Gas, while on duty.

AV Security Academy offers in the cost of the class:

1.  Free Pepper Spray

2.  Lifetime Permit

3.  Certificate of Completion

Live Scan Finger Print Machine On Site!!

FIRST AID / CPR / AED $60.00

Course includes a Certificate of Completion, A full color textbook, Certification card valid for 2 years plus free access to digital learning materials and online refresher courses.