Date:December 13, 2012
Proof of Citizenship

Students must provide proof of citizenship or legal residency prior to course participation. These documents are acceptable evidence of United States Citizenship or Permanent Residence.

  1. Birth Certificate (state or county) showing birth in the United states, American Samoa, District of Columbia, Guam, Northern Marina Islands, Puerto Rico, Swiss Island, or United States Virginia Island.
  2. United States Passport (unexpired).
  3. United States Military ID card.
  4. Report of separation (military discharge) (Form DD-214)
  5. Certificate of United States Citizenship (INS Form N-560 or N-5661).
  6. Alien Registration Receipt Card (green card) (INS Form I-151 or AR-3a; issued by INS prior to June 1978). This card must contain a photograph of the bearer.
  7. Resident Alien card (green card) (INS Form n-551, a revised edition of INS Form I-151). This form must contain a photograph of the bearer.
  8. Certificate of Naturalization (INS Form N-550 or N-570). This certificate must contain a photograph of the bearer with a dry seal over the photograph.
  9. United States Identification Card (INS Form I-197). INS no longer issues these cards, however, once issued, they do not expire. Must contain photo & physical description.
  10. Identification Card for use of Resident Citizen in the United States (INS Form I-179). INS Stopped issuing this card after 1997, however, once issued, they do not expire.
  11. Certificate of birth abroad issued by the Department of State (Form FS-545 or Form DS-1350).
  12. Permit to reenter the Unite sates (INS Form I-327).
  13. Refugee or parolee documents (only if accompanied by INS Form I-151, AR-3’s, or I-551).
  14. Native American Tribal documents.
  15.  Driver’s license and social security card ARE NOT acceptable forms of proof of citizenship